“effercrescent.” dancing girl press. 2017. Print.
“Tableau Vivant.” dancing girl press2015. Print.


“Meregrundlīc Maeden.” Word Hoard Press: Eala. (Forthcoming).
who says discotheque is dead…Nu Lit House: MICRO//MACRO; Issue 8. 2017. Web.
you kiss me…Nu Lit House: MICRO//MACRO; Issue 8. 2017. Web.
poster proclaiming…Nu Lit House: MICRO//MACRO; Issue 8. 2017. Web.
Fireworks leap over…” Haikuniverse. 2017. Web.
Of dorms and toothpaste.” Babe Soda Magazine; Issue Five, 2017. Web.
What Grows in Our Meta-Greenhouse.” The Poet Community. 2017. Web.
familial observation.” Writers Resist; Issue 26, 2017. Web.
The orb that thinks itself opaque…(Line 126)Epic Protest Poems. 2017. Web.
knitted blanket…” Haikuniverse. 2017. Web.
Sonnet for My Goddaughter.” ALTARWORK. 2017. Web.
Thoughts of Sand.” NatureWriting. 2017. Web.
Whiteboard Whispers.” ALTARWORK. 2017. Web.
dawn ascended…” Haikuniverse. 2017. Web.
Science Class.” poems2go. 2017. Web and print.
The Wing Tattoo.” poems2go. 2017. Web and print.
Passenger’s Side.” ALTARWORK. 2017. Web.
With Which the Waters Swarmed.” ALTARWORK. 2016. Web.
The Golden Calf has Stars and Stripes.” ALTARWORK. 2016. Web.
Schism Prism.” ALTARWORK. 2016. Web.
Backspaced Bio.” ALTARWORK. 2016. Web.
HeartStirred.” ALTARWORK. 2016. Web.
Water Shimmers.” ALTARWORK. 2016. Web.
Filial Prodigal.” ALTARWORK. 2016. Web.
“I Asked Anyway.” Sandhill Review, 17. 2016. Print
“The Oracle and I.” Sandhill Review, 14. 2013. Print.
“Holding Scraps in the Home of Emily Dickinson.” Sandhill Review, 13. 2012. Print.
“A Cygnet Can Dream.” Sandhill Review, 12. 2011. Print.
“Make Love to My ‘Drum.” Sandhill Review, 12. 2011. Print.

Self-Published (not on Amazon)

What Happened in West Centerbridge. Smashwords. 2016.
95 Writing Prompts for Your 9 to 5
2016. PDF.


“Autumnescence.” A Celebration of Young Poets: Florida Fall 2007. 2007. Poem. Print.


Poetic Interviews. In progress. Web.
Blend My Love’s A Poetic Connection. 2017. Web.
The Chapbook Interview2016. Web.


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