Week 4 of #CampNaNoWriMo


You may be asking yourself – why does this blog have a Week 2 update and a Week 4 update, but no Week 3 update? Truth be told, I didn’t write a Camp NaNo update last week because, well, I didn’t write anything last week.

I met my goal after Week 2, and took Week 3 to focus on a schedule that suddenly became more hectic than I was expecting. I wrote 3 more poems during Week 4, making the final tally to 63 more poems toward my project.

The verse novel is coming together. Those 3 poems aside, I’m still on the same status as I was after Week 2 – finish the current section and write a new second section – but now I have a clear path ahead.

I’m looking forward to finishing this project and seeing it all come together in one manuscript – that’s when the next stage of fun begins!

How far did you get in your Camp NaNoWriMo project? Whether you wrote 1 word or a million – what’s next?


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