Appreciation for ALTARWORK


A year ago today, my first poem with ALTARWORK was published. A poem called Filial Prodigal, it told the perspective of a Prodigal Daughter finding her way back to a God she thought she stopped believing in.

It started when ALTARWORK’s Twitter account tagged me in a tweet that invited me to join its community. I was skeptical at first – being a liberal Catholic can lead to tricky situations in some Christian communities – so I asked ALTARWORK a question. Do they accept writers on all ends of the political spectrum? The answer was positive, and a closer look showed them to be LGBT+ friendly and welcoming to all – the image of what I believe Christianity should be. I submitted my poem, and my journey with ALTARWORK began.

A year later, I have published nine poems through ALTARWORK – with topics ranging from politics to oceans to Twitter to mermaids. I plan to send many more.

ALTARWORK is not just an outlet for my Christian poetry. It is a welcoming ministry of friendship and worship. It is the digital altar through which I can give and dedicate my poetry to God.

If you have some Christian-themed poems or any kind of Christian art that you’d like to share, I highly recommend ALTARWORK. Run by Jason Ramsey, the site doesn’t just publish poems – they share music, visual art, and performance art.

So – thank you ALTARWORK, for your ministry.

All of my poems published through ALTARWORK can be found here.



One thought on “Appreciation for ALTARWORK

  1. That’s great you found a place to share your work. For a while, I thought about writing Christian fiction in college, as I was really involved with my church. But I didn’t have a whole lot of examples to go on. And I thought that my stuff would come off as too preachy and disingenuous. I avoid a lot of the stuff that Christians would find offensive in my works: sex, violence, foul language, etc. At the same time, I thought I couldn’t genuinely write about characters who professed their faith while I struggled with my own issues. So I gave up on writing in that genre. But I still adhere to the principles that I set for myself in my writing.

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