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New #StanzaSpeak Chat for Poets

Writers’ chats are all over Twitter, and I participate in some – most notably, #StoryDam on Thursdays at 8PM EST and #PoetteerChat on Wednesdays at 8PM EST. Twitter chats are a fantastic way for writers to build an online community filled with camaraderie.

However, I noticed that aside from #PoetteerChat, there are few spaces for chats on poetry. Thus, in celebration of National Poetry Month, I will be hosting a weekly chat for poets!

#StanzaSpeak will take place (mostly) weekly on Mondays at 8PM EST. Why do I say (mostly) weekly? Because due to personal time constraints, the first Monday of each month will consist of an open space for poets to talk about their own work freely, announcements and non-spamming links welcome!

On the other three weeks of the month, #StanzaSpeak will cover various topics as they relate to poetry, or how seemingly unrelated topics could relate to poetry. (And why Mondays? Because I ran a poll on Twitter and it appears fellow poets want something to look forward to on Mondays!)

The first #StanzaSpeak chat will take place next Monday, so mark your calendars! And while you’re at it, mark your calendars again for #PoetteeChat and get to know amazing poets!


One thought on “New #StanzaSpeak Chat for Poets

  1. that’s great amanda! i just started a chat too! #smutchat will be on every 3rd Thursday and we’ll talk about writing romance and erotica. Have fun with yours and good luck! I hear they are a little work to mod but worth it!


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