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What’s Been Going On, Amanda?

That’s the question that I imagine is asked to my not-quite-on-hiatus-blog. I have not been blogging as often as I should be, due to a busy schedule that is not as busy anymore. To answer this question, here’s a hint:


I got married! Planning a wedding and actually getting married takes a lot of time, which meant that I had to reorganize my schedule – and my blog fell to the backburner. Well, since that wonderful occasion has passed, I can now devote more time to the regularly-scheduled programming.

My very first post on this blog detailed the proposal back in 2014 – and now, the engagement has been brought full circle to the wedding (which couldn’t have been more perfect!).

And don’t worry, I will be keeping this name for my writing – but that’s a whole other blog post!

I am still working on my New Year’s goals – mainly, submitting to publications (23/50!).

While I will be blogging about writing and various updates, are there any topics that you would like to read on this blog? Let me know in the comments!


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