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New Poems Out with poems2go

As I mentioned in my first post of 2017, one of my resolutions for the year – among others – is to submit my poetry to 50 different publications within the year. So far, I have submitted poems to 18 publications and journals.

poems2go has accepted two of my poems for both digital and print publication. My two new poems, “Science Class” and “The Wing Tattoo,” can be found here.

“Science Class” is a memory from back when I was homeschooled, when one science lesson consisted of observing a poor little bird that had frozen overnight in the New England winter. “The Wing Tattoo” is based off of my own butterfly wing tattoo and a dream to fly.

poems2go is the poetry project of Christine Jones and Sarah Lain, where five poets are featured on a monthly basis both on website and in print. Print-outs of the featured poems are distributed in select bookstores, cafes, and other locations in multiple states; at the time of this writing, the distribution states are Massachusetts, Florida, Rhode Island, Tennessee, New Mexico, and Colorado. The distributed poems are printed in a small format so people can carry the poems in their wallet.

As part of my submission to poems2go, I had to include a statement on why poetry matters, which was included as content alongside my poems. I’ll leave you with a snippet of my statement:

“Math builds up, science builds ahead, and poetry builds behind as a part of history…if we were to combine every poem ever written, we would have a single poem that defines the human condition.”


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