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2017: Resolutions to Change a Year

img_0519I always seem to put off my resolution blog posts, even when I select my resolutions weeks before the New Year. In previous posts, I have explained why I prefer the term “goals” over “resolutions” – one is more determined than its flexible counterpart.

This year, I have four main resolutions goals:

  1. Read the Bible
  2. Read the Quran
  3. Read the Torah
  4. Submit my poetry to 50 publications

I kept my list of goals short this year, considering other events that are fast approaching in my life – wedding, graduation, and the publication of my second chapbook to be released later this year.

The annual Goodreads Challenge is my first unofficial resolution goal. I set this year’s Goodreads Challenge to a mere ten books. Why so low? Because I want to focus on actually reading for the joy and appreciation of reading, rather than focusing on the quantity of books I read. In 2016, I read 92 books – normally I would have been disappointed in myself for not hitting 100 books, but I had to think of last year in perspective. I was busier than I had been in previous years, and sometimes reading was put to the backburner. This year, I want to focus on the piles of books that are calling to me from their exciting excerpts, especially the longer books.

I chose these goals because I want to finally read the book of my religion, as well as the holy books of other religions; I also want to start spreading my poetry across a wider field. Out of those fifty publications, even a few accepted pieces means increasing my writer’s résumé.

I embrace 2017 and whatever the year awaits.

What are your 2017 resolutions or goals?


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