5 Fun Facts About What Happened in West Centerbridge

My newest ebook, What Happened in West Centerbridge, will be released tomorrow! In celebration, here are five fun facts about the story and a peek into what happened behind-the-scenes…

  1. The main character, Kay, moves to a New England town called West Centerbridge. The town is an amalgamation of two Massachusetts towns where I used to live: West Brookfield and Southbridge. My love for these two towns collided, and West Centerbridge was born.
  2. Though the story is about the zombie apocalypse, there is no mention of the word “zombie” throughout the entire manuscript.
  3. Kay’s move from Florida to New England is a reversal of my own experience; I moved from my New England to Florida as a teenager.
  4. The initial version of the cover did not have blood splatter; the blood was added when Twitter feedback called it too happy (thank you #StoryDam!).
  5. West Centerbridge is only one part of a township. The other towns are North Centerbridge, East Centerbridge, South Centerbridge, and Centerbridge. Perhaps other stories set in these towns will occur in the future?

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of What Happened in West Centerbridge on Halloween for the Trick-Or-Tread Book Blog Hop!


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