Cover Reveal for What Happened in West Centerbridge

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a cover REVEAL, per se – considering I tweeted the picture almost a week ago. But this is the first time the cover makes an appearance on my blog, so that counts as some kind of a reveal, right?

Anyway, behold the cover for What Happened in West Centerbridge:


What Happened in West Centerbridge will be released on Halloween – October 31st – and will be FREE (forever!). The Halloween release date is a part of the Trick or Treat Book Blog Hop, or #TrickOrTreatReads, where readers are the trick-or-treaters, and authors provide the digital candy – the free ebooks! (If What Happened in West Centerbridge were a candy, it would be candy corn, because that is the candy that comes to mind when I think of October in New England!)

If you like to read about zombies, New England, or recent college graduates who are doing everything they can to look for a job in a new town, I recommend this book! Here is the summary from the slice of life (slice of un-life?) novella:

College graduate Kay Tauber moves to a small New England town with her mother, replacing their home of palm trees and sun with crunchy leaves and biting air. While trying to find a job and adjusting to this new life, she notices something strange – and undeadly – happening in West Centerbridge.

Coming October 31st!


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