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#TackleTBR Mid-Point Review

The Tackle Your TBR Read-A-Thon, or #TackleTBR, started last week. With one week to go, I have already met my initial goal of five books.

30991450100 Crime Fiction Writing Prompts – Kate M. Colby
Rating: Four out of five stars

The imaginative prompts read smoothly, and made me wonder where I would take the story next. I’m not familiar with the crime fiction genre, so this was a good text to begin with. There were some minor errors, but barely noticeable. The prompts were exciting!

24874343Three Tang Dynasty Poets – Wang Wei
Rating: Five out of five stars

A small and beautiful collection of Chinese poetry. My favorite poems were “Marble Stairs Grievance” by Li Bai on page 23, and “Night Thoughts Afloat” by Du Fu on page 51. The book reads like a circle, with the short story at the end of the book providing the inspiration for the first poem in the collection.

29105432100 Romance Writing Prompts – Kate M. Colby
Rating: Four out of five stars

Great writing prompts for romance. Purposefully vague so the writer can fill in the spaces. A few spelling errors with some similar prompts, but the erotic section was tastefully executed. Made my writer’s gears spinning.

31948737Lady in Ink: A Comics Essay – R. Claire Stephens
Rating: Four out of five stars

A graphic creative nonfiction essay about experiencing the process of getting a tattoo and having one as a woman. Feminist without describing itself as such, the essay is honest, raw, and simply beautiful, as the narrator attempts to describe her reasoning for a tattoo in multiple stories and excuses, trying to find the narrative that best fits her life. A quick read, the graphics aligned perfectly with the text in a way that added to the story. While there were some spelling errors that temporarily distracted me, the message of the piece was not lost. This small graphic novel made me proud to be a tattooed woman.

6991061Twitterature – Alexander Aciman and Emmett Rensin
Rating: One out of five stars

See review.

Since I met my goal within the first week, I hope to read as many books as I can in the coming week. That being said, my new goal will be three books. I hope to use this smaller goal to focus on some longer books. I have yet to finish a book for Emma Watson’s feminist book club Our Shared Shelf, so I hope to finish at least of those books.

All pictures from Goodreads.
Happy reading!


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