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The Balance of Book Reviews: An Epiphany

A book review is a review of a book.

I’ve been pondering how to start this blog post, and that is the best way I can describe my recent epiphany. It’s a pretty obvious epiphany, to be sure. It’s as if I went swimming and suddenly realized that water is wet. But I guess the development of a writer comes in steps, no matter how obvious in hindsight.

The reason for this epiphany was a conversation with a close friend about blogging, and I realized something mid-sentence. I realized that a book review is a complete overview of both the positive and the negative, and I most often focus on the negative. I have not been giving complete reviews.

So this is my promise to you, readers: starting today, I will be sure to review what I liked in the books I read, and not just what I didn’t like. I am not Simon Cowell, and I am not Gordon Ramsay. I am a writer who has been writing half-reviews. 

My English degree makes me want to critique the books I read. My eyes go from casual reader to critical reader and I had not realized until now that my critical reader was on overdrive for every review. For so long, I have been reviewing on why I’ve taken stars away from my rating, while not focusing on the remaining stars. So now I will write about both the good and the bad.

I will reserve the negative reviews for books that I really do not like. But for (almost) every book, I will focus on both what I liked and what I didn’t like, what I feel worked and what I feel didn’t work. 

Maybe this is a cue for my own perspective on life as well: maybe I need to focus on the positive as well as the negative. But I digress.

So, thank you readers for being there as I grow as a writer (albeit one with realizations that the sky is blue!). I hope to write better, well-rounded reviews moving forward.

I hope to write my book reviews as complete reviews of books.

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