15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 13


Day #13: Describe one under appreciated book EVERYONE should read.

1859087The Treekeepers by Susan Britton

This was one of my favorite books as a child. Yes, it’s another book in which the orphaned Chosen One goes off on a magical adventure to save the land from a ruthless tyrant. But those kind of books resonated with me as a kid, and I think EVERYONE should read this because it takes the reader on an adventure. A chimera, a kitty, and a mysterious locket take Bird and her friends on an adventure full of bravery and courage. The main plot points are closed, with other parts of the end remaining open to interpretation. Just seeing this cover brings me back to when I read this book in the early 2000s, imagining myself going along with Bird’s journey. There is one scene – don’t worry, no spoilers – that I remember reading so vividly that it pulls at my heartstrings every time I think of it. Borrowing this book from the library was one of the best decisions I made a kid.

Picture from Goodreads.

Synopsis from Goodreads: “Bird is a tough, streetwise urchin, stealing and begging to get by. In this stirring fantasy, a murderous leader has taken over the land where Bird lives and destroyed the tree that gives life. He will do anything to find the Opener-one who is prophesied to save the people. A few other orphans and a sad, mysterious caretaker lead Bird to a special locket that, amazingly, opens easily in her hands. It reveals just a seed. When planted, it will grow into a new sacred tree that will produce a lifesaving elixir. Bird holds the power, but she lacks the knowledge to use it. Featuring a memorable character with grit, an indomitable will, and the cagey instincts of a survivor, Bird’s saga will thrill readers as they welcome a new voice rich in imagination and storytelling skill.”



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