Ancestry DNA Results!

I started off today with a heavy heart – today marks the 21st year since my dad’s passing. But today also marks the day my Ancestry DNA results came in! I just think it’s so cool how I can see and appreciate my heritage on such a sad anniversary. Here are the results (Main percentages first, then trace amounts):

Main Regions:

Europe East: 39% – No surprise here, as I am Polish from both sides! People often say I appear Eastern European, and they’re not wrong!

Great Britain: 30% – I was very surprised to see that this number was quite high! I knew there was some British ancestry in my family, but I hadn’t realized how much! (*Insert something about tea/Harry Potter/BBC here.)

Iberian Peninsula: 20% – Now this was a surprise! The Iberian Peninsula (for those of you who had to Google this like I did!) consists of Spain and Portugal (while Ancestry’s circled area stretches out to France and Italy). I suppose this comes from my French ancestry, but the fact that this centers in on Spain and Portugal makes me wonder…I do wish there was some more clarification here. Am I Spanish? Am I Portuguese? Either way, this is definitely something I didn’t know! I hope to look more into this in the future.

Trace Regions:

Finland/Northwest Russia: 4% – I feel like I’m repeating myself when I keep mentioning how surprised I am about the results, but yes – I’m surprised!

Scandinavia: 2% – This matches the above Finland traces.

Caucasus: 2% – This portion of my heritage is somewhere between Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and the surrounding countries. This was definitely an unexpected, and welcome, surprise!

Europe West: <1% – I was kind of expecting this because of the French heritage that is implied in one of the only recorded (handwritten) family trees I have.

Ireland: <1% – I’m happy that this appeared on my results, even if it is in trace amounts. This was an instance of family hearsay that I’m happy to have confirmed. This makes my connection with my claddagh ring even closer.

Native American: <1% – I grew up with the knowledge that we *may* have had Native American heritage. Even though the percentage is low, it’s nice to know that this was more than family hearsay. If the rest of what I have been told is true, this part of my heritage comes from the Blackfoot tribe.

The cool thing about Ancestry’s DNA test is that they test from both the paternal and maternal side. I totally recommend taking this test if you’ve been curious about your own heritage. I can’t speak for other DNA tests, but I’m so happy with what I’ve learned through Ancestry!


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