Book Review

Book Review: Rapunzel’s Revenge by Shannon Hale

Rating: Four out of five stars

2626492I am obsessed with everything that has to do with the Rapunzel fairytale. So when I saw that there was a book called “Rapunzel’s Revenge” on Amazon, I knew I had to buy it, but I never got around to it. Until this past birthday when I went to a used bookstore and happened upon it. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to buy it. And it was one of the best decisions I made this year.

Upon opening the book, I found something unexpected – it’s a graphic novel! I’ve been trying to read more graphic novels and comic books lately; it’s a beautiful art form that I need to explore more.

This book is basically “Rapunzel in the Wild West.” Cowgirl Rapunzel – this is an astoundingly creative retelling. Independent and inventive, she uses her long braids like a lasso. She is definitely a role model for young female readers. Rapunzel uses her skills to find her way back to Gothel, and her real mother, whom Gothel is holding hostage. Along the way, she finds a companion in Jack and his goose – a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk. Other fairytale references are included, such as the Seven Dwarves, and the inclusion of a Huntsman. The book itself is a quick read; I finished it in about an hour.

So, if I loved the book so much, why did I give it only four stars, and not five? Mostly this was due to plot. When the characters were in a tight situation, everything conveniently fell into place for the characters to escape. It felt almost too convenient.

Aside from that, I highly recommend this book to any age. I fully intend to save the book for a potential reread. Fairytale retellings are increasing in genre popularity, and mixing them with the Wild West is enticing and exciting.

Picture from Goodreads.


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