News to Subscribe to – Literally! (& FREE Ebook!)

This month has been one of my busiest this year. A big move, a big change, and now – big news!

I have created a mailing list!

The mailing list can be found in three places: the link above, a pop-up when a visitor sees this website for the first time, and a link on this blog’s sidebar. But wait! There’s more…

Every subscriber will receive a FREE EBOOK with their subscription confirmation email!


“Looking for an idea to get you through the work day? Look no further! 95 Writing Prompts for Your 9 to 5 offers 95 idea-driven prompts to ignite your imagination at your desk. Organized by the time of day, you will have prompts for the morning, your coffee break, that team meeting, the afternoon, and rush hour traffic. Getting through the workday is more inspiring than ever!”

Subscribe today for my free ebook, and any extras!

On a side note, my apologies for lack of blogs this month. Like I said, I uprooted my life this month, packed it all into boxes, and unpacked them somewhere else – leaving little time to blog, let alone write. Now that my life is almost completely unpacked, blogging (and writing) should resume its normal schedule.

Until next time –




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