On Poetry Readings

I just got back from a poetry reading of the latest issue of Sandhill Review – of which my poem is the one of many in this issue. I just wanted to take a moment to express to my fellow writers and readers that if you ever get the chance to attend a poetry reading, whether you are an attendee or reading your own work, go.

Get in touch with a local college or university and see if their literary journal is hosting any events. Check with your local library, bookstore, or coffee shop. Literary readings are everywhere, and what better way to celebrate National Poetry Month?

The writing community is one of my favorite methods of communication. From Twitter to NaNoWriMo, I have met amazing people through our mutual love of writing – and writers are so friendly! It’s nice to get together and share our experiences and creations.

Oh, and I updated my Publications page to reflect my latest poem, titled “I Asked Anyway” – a poem about the true story in 2011 when I asked my late father for a white Christmas, even when the weather station said there would be no snow. It snowed on Christmas morning, and that will forever be one of my favorite Christmas gifts. I’m so grateful this poem got published, and I’m so grateful to experience the writing community.

So if you get the chance, try to attend a poetry reading this month. The atmosphere is ethereal and the energy is sublime.


4 thoughts on “On Poetry Readings

    1. Thank you, but there are actually two – there is the Sandhill Review, my university’s literary journal; and Sand Hill Review. To my knowledge, they are both known nationally. No matter which publication you referenced, thank you!

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  1. There was actually an outdoor poetry reading a couple of Fridays ago, and since my mom and sister were visiting that day, we had a picnic while listening to poetry. It was really cool, and I’d recommend attending one, too.

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