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The Poems of Tableau Vivant

tableaucoverNow that the Goodreads Giveaway is under way, I wanted to share the titles of the poems in my chapbook, along with a brief summary of each. Most of these poems were written during the summer of 2013, a time of confusion, nostalgia, and anxiety. I had just graduated college, and was unsure of my future – thrust into the world of adulthood, of which I knew little about. Each poem has something to say about this beautiful fear.


“Butterflyistic” – The feeling of a nap in a sunny field.

“Self-Sunset” – One part of a life ends, another begins.

“Second Decade” – Encapsulating the feelings of the early twenties.

“Womanperson” – Image of a woman through flowers and mannequins.

“The Underworld is Hosting a Ball” – The myth of Persephone and Hades as a masquerade.

“B-Side” – Looking back to the past and toward the future.

“Twenty-Second” – A still life poem of a moment when I was 22.

“SOS to the Universe” – A cry of help in a confusing new world.

“Sunrisen patterns” – A morning moment.

“Wax, Dripped” – An allegory of a moth.

“Death of a Butterfly” – An allegory of a butterfly.

“Tableau Vivant” – Playing the part.


I have gotten sturdier in my footing since then, but these poems capture a moment in my life, and those who have experienced the confusion that comes with moving from one stage of life to another.


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