#FeminismFriday 6/10.) Why Feminism is Needed

ff6Without first-wave feminism, women would not have the right to vote. Without second-wave feminism, there would be no laws regarding the idea of equal pay for equal work (reaching this goal is another story). Our current social climate is witnessing the third wave of feminism.

Third-wave feminism often gets a bad reputation for being “slacktivism” or not accomplishing anything other than complaints. But without the current wave of feminism, society would fall back into the old habits of prioritizing a select few because of their gender, race, religion, sexuality, and gender expression. Conversations about feminism are becoming more mainstream in almost every area imaginable in this country. Feminism is about equality, which is a needed facet to our society. Without equality, we will never be able to move forward as a tolerant group of human beings.

Feminism is needed because no one should face prejudices for being who they are – not women or men of any race, religion, sexuality, gender expression, or ability.

Feminism is needed because too many women are judged based on what they look like or who they choose to sleep with. Women are called sluts and whores and easy for having sex, while men are seen as skilled and successful for the same act.

Feminism is needed because women have been killed for rejecting someone’s prom-posal. Women have been killed for rejecting a request for a date. Women have been and are being stabbed, beaten, burned by acid, and killed in the name of rejection. And society and the media will victim-blame and say they deserved it for a number of reasons – what she was wearing or how she was acting.

Feminism is needed because the voices of women are seen as less important to the voices of men.

Feminism is needed because it is 2016 and men are still rating women on a numbered scale based on what she looks like.

Feminism is needed because jokes exist belittling women – i.e. “Get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.”

Feminism is needed because a woman is placed in one of four categories: Mothers, Virgins, Sluts, and Bitches. But we are so much more than any single description.

I could go on.

I highly recommend exploring the hashtag #WhyINeedFeminism to see the many reasons people of all genders need feminism.


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