#FeminismFriday 5/10.) “Why Do We Need This Political Correctness?”

ff5One of the first arguments against feminism is the idea of political correctness.

“Political correctness has run amok!”
“Why should I walk on eggshells because of this politically correct society?”
“I hate being politically correct! I can’t have a sense of humor anymore!”
“Feminism is just another excuse for this society to become enslaved to political correctness.”

The problem with this line of thought is that many people think that their freedom of speech is being trampled on in the name of “not offending anybody.”

Feminism is not attacking anyone’s freedoms. Being “politically correct” is about respecting someone else as a human being. It is avoiding words or actions that may hurt another person, thus giving them the respect they deserve as a person on this planet.

Older generations have been taught the old rhyme “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This is all well and good for teaching children to let go of mean things said to them, but since the modern progressions in psychology, a simple fact of life has been acknowledged: words hurt. And with all these anti-bullying campaigns and messages, why be a bully to someone else? Why hurt someone in the name of “having an opinion”? A hurtful idea hiding behind the label of Opinion does not make the idea less hurtful.

If one’s Opinion hurts someone else, one should reevaluate their Opinion and what they ultimately stand for.

As for me, I stand for respect. I stand for equality. I stand for feminism.


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