#FeminismFriday 1/10.) Feminism: The Basics

ff1Normally, I try to stick to writing about books – reading and writing them. But for this series, I am called to write about feminism. Usually, I am content with retweeting #feminism, #WhyINeedFeminism, or sharing feminist articles on Facebook. But today is not “normally” or “usually,” and I cannot just retweet, reblog, or share my feminist perspective.

I am currently writing this as I am on a road trip*; I told myself that I would not write a blog post while on this vacation. I was going to go on hiatus from social media and my blog. But I just can’t stay away, because I have recently heard arguments against feminism in person rather than reading them on a computer screen, and I wanted to break down feminism for anyone who will read this post. It’s one thing to read it on a screen – it’s another to hear them in person and have the oh-so-familiar statements echoing in my head. I needed to do something. So I wrote a single blog post that became long enough to be serialized.

I was originally going to write one blog post about the basics of feminism; but once the post reached over two thousand words, I figured a series of posts would make more sense. This is why, for this and the next nine weeks, I will be posting blogs with the hashtag #FeminismFriday – where I will write about one topic on feminism – on a Friday!

The topics will be as follows:
1.) The Basics
2.) The Patriarchy
3.) Feminism and Humanism/Egalitarianism
4.) Men and Feminism
5.) Political Correctness and Feminism
6.) Why Feminism is Needed
7.) Intersectional Feminism
8.) Christianity and Feminism
9.) How You Can be a Feminist
10.) Further Reading

Without further ado, I present to you the F word that is: Feminism. At its most basic.

Feminism is equality. That’s it. There are no guidelines, no loopholes, and no strings attached. Feminism is about the equality of all genders, races, religions, abilities, and freedoms.

Feminism has multiple facets based on what the feminist prioritizes. Some believe that it is capitalism and income equality that further divides society. Others believe that it is racism, sexism, ageism, or ableism. Many believe the dividing of society is caused by all of these, and more.

The #FeminismFriday series is a series of ten posts covering the very basics of feminism. This series will touch on only the tip of the iceberg.

*(Note: I wrote the #FeminismFriday series while on a road trip during the winter break of 2015.)


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