Why My #GoodreadsReadingChallenge is Lower than Last Year

I first discovered Goodreads in 2013 and I have been obsessed ever since. My ritual for each new year now includes selecting the book count of my Goodreads Reading Challenge. This year, I chose the amount of books I would challenge myself to read within the first twenty minutes of the new year. And I chose twenty books.
Two years ago, I chose 100. In 2015, I chose 50. So why did I choose 20 this year?

Twenty books is a doable challenge. I know I will read more than that, considering I read over twice as many books as last year’s challenge. But I don’t want to stress over reading and reaching the quantifiable goal.

I have a lot of thick books waiting for me to read them; if I focus on quantity, as I have in the past, I will read shorter books. I want to enjoy the thicker books as a reading experience rather than as a number.

Plus, I have other activities I want to focus on. I have upcoming writing projects, personal hobbies like video games, and planning a wedding. I will also be reading my Bible while participating in two Bible studies.

This year, I want to focus on the reading experience rather than the experience of quantified reading. I am looking forward to reading these books instead of holding them off to the side for a different day.

Have you set a goal for the Goodreads Reading Challenge? Have you done anything different this year?


10 thoughts on “Why My #GoodreadsReadingChallenge is Lower than Last Year

  1. This makes a lot of sense. Last year I set my goal to 52 books to read one book a week. I ended up with 54 books. I set this year’s goal to 52 again. I want to get in the habit of reading a little bit each day if I can find the time.

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  2. Well said. Last year I set myself a challenge to read 200 books. I only managed 16. Dreadful, I know. But I based my challenge on the year before, when I read over 250 books, and had way more free time! Also the pressure to read also somehow puts one off reading. Good luck in this year’s goals! Happy reading 🙂

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