Resolution Revolution

Okay, so I’m not actually starting a revolution. But it rhymes with resolution, therefore adding to the sound of the title.

Anyway, I’m not a fan of the word Resolution. There is no promise behind it. I can say it all I want, but the “resolve” is so easy to break in this context. There is no accountability regarding resolutions for the new year.

That’s why I personally set goals.

Goals have a beginning and end. The word itself inspires motivation. Goals are not a promise to myself that I’ll inevitably break; they are achievements that I want to reach on a personal level.

It is now 2016; with it comes a whole new set of time as a human construct. With it comes 366 new days, experiences, and chances. With it, for me, comes goals.

This year, my goals start with my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 20 books. My goals continue with the dedication to writing, as I have joined the 365k club to write over 600 words a day; I will release a self-published chapbook this coming year. Perhaps other projects will follow. My goals will reach the end of this year as I try to be the best person I can be: aware of my shortcomings, actively working to combat them, and growing stronger spiritually.

And maybe I’ll exercise.

These are my goals, and this will be my 2016.

What are your resolutions? Do you call them something different?


3 thoughts on “Resolution Revolution

  1. I am not a resolution kind of guy but I like the opportunity on this first day of a New Year to reflect on the year gone by and what changes I can see in myself, what I have learnt, what I have let go. I might consider how to keep moving forward with my life but not with goals per se more a signpost of a direction I can try.

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