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Tip for the New Goodreads Author: Finding Your User Number

Being a Goodreads Author is a completely new experience for me, and I want to share what I learn from the experience. Recently, I came across an issue that involved a Goodreads widget and a very special number.

The problem:

Once I became a Goodreads Author, I wanted to clean up the look of my  blog. While making these edits, I deleted my original Goodreads widget (the one that shows books I recently read) in hopes that an author widget would be available. Unfortunately, no author widget is available (at least for WordPress), so I wanted to revert back to the old widget. The WordPress widget for Goodreads is able to be used with the User ID number. But there was a problem – the profile number changes when a Goodreads User becomes a Goodreads Author! How was I to find my old User ID to use the widget?

The answer:

The answer is thus finding your User ID number. Normally, you would go to your Goodreads profile and use the number found in the URL. The Goodreads Author profile has a new number in the URL, which cannot be used in the WordPress Goodreads widget.

To find your old User ID, go to your Goodreads Author profile by clicking on your picture in the upper right-hand corner.From there, select “(edit author profile)” by your profile name. You will then be taken to the page where you can edit your author profile. Above your author picture you will see two links: “(Name)’s profile” and “edit my user profile.” Select the latter.

You are now at the page where you can edit your user profile. Click on the widgets tab at the top of the page. Scroll down just a little until you see the section headed “Custom Widget” – here, you will see a scroll box of HTML under the directions that state “Copy/paste this HTML into your Web site:” – scroll through the HTML until you see a Goodreads URL about a quarter way through the code. Highlight the number in the URL and copy it (without letting go of the mouse, or else the whole code will be selected) and paste it into the WordPress Goodreads widget. Your User ID is now connected to your WordPress Goodreads widget.

I had been looking for this answer for a while, so I figured I might as well share the info. And now my Goodreads widget is back on my sidebar!


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