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10 Marketing Tactics for New Authors


When new authors publish a book for the first time – through traditional or indie venues – there is the initial feeling of excitement. A piece of the writer’s soul has gone out into the world, and the writer has made the transition into an author, as if it were some kind of literary coming-of-age.

But what happens after? It’s not enough that the book is available; it needs to be marketed as well. Readers need to know the book exists. Well, how does a new author get the word out about their new book? (Complete with shameless plugs!)

1.) The Blog – Every author needs a platform, a part of the internet that is their “HQ.” Blog about writing, reading, hobbies – anything! The more a writer blogs, the more readers will come to them. Then those who follow the writer will be alerted about the new book! A Publications page can be made so readers can take a look at everything the writer has published.

2.) Twitter – If nothing else, the writer should create a Twitter account. The writing community on Twitter is one of the friendliest, most supportive communities I’ve ever experienced. With various hashtags, the writing community is always willing to network. (Click here for my Twitter account!)

3.) Facebook – From a Facebook page, an author can post blog posts and updates, and the writer’s Facebook friends can like the page and spread the word! (Click here for my Facebook page!)

4.) Goodreads – When the writer’s book is on Goodreads, the large data base of books, they can create a Goodreads account to claim the book and become a Goodreads Author. he writer will be able to sync their blog tot heir Goodreads account and gather followers from that site, too! From Goodreads, the writer can host a giveaway of the book, which will get readers’ attention. (My Goodreads account can be found here!)

5.) Instagram – Believe it or not, authors can benefit from Instagram, too! The writer can post a picture of their writing or writing tools, or even pictures and cover reveals of their book! Images are a great way to capture readers’ attention. You can find me on my new Instagram here.

6.) Soundcloud – I’m currently trying to reach a whole new audience through Soundcloud, a site where anyone can post sound bytes. I have used it to record a sample of my writing. I plan to utilize Soundcloud to post audiobook versions in the future. Soundcloud tracks can then be posted anywhere – from blogs to Facebook pages to Twitter feeds.

7.) Free Book – This is not the best financial option in the short-term, but it can have great long-term benefits. When people read a free book, they are more willing to spend money on books from the same author. This is because people are more likely to purchase books from an author they recognize. I have plans for a free 2016 release. Stay tuned!

8.) Another Book – The more an author writes and publishes, the more their work is bound to get noticed!

9.) Free Content – People love free stuff. A writer can offer free content on their blog or at the end of their book – character interviews, trivia, any research that went into the book – all of these things will add depth to the already-published work.

10.) Surveys & Polls – An author can host surveys and polls from Facebook, Twitter, and even their blog. Readers love to offer their opinions, and surveys and polls are a great way to inspire reader interaction!

The more platforms the writer is on, the better. On the other side of the coin, don’t feel the need to get on every single outlet available. The writer should pick and choose what works best for them and their brand image.

Which social media outlets do you primarily stick with?


10 thoughts on “10 Marketing Tactics for New Authors

      1. Sorry. not trying to take up your time. You use it to tell your story? Interesting. I will look into this. Thank you so much. I am so happy I stumbled onto your page. I am unpublished, but I am trying to learn as much as I can.

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      2. No problem at all! Take up all my time! In a way – I use it to sample my work so readers can listen to samples. It’s kind of like giving my audience a new medium. Thank you so much! I recommend reading every book you can find about writing!

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