New Blog Things!

After the Friday night release of my chapbook, Tableau Vivant, I needed to make some changes in my blog to accommodate its arrival.

Facebook Page – At the top right of my side menu right under the Follow with Email button, you will now see the widget for my Facebook page, from which readers can Like directly from my blog!

New Instagram – With only one post so far, I made a new Instagram for my blog, @arsamandica. Follow me if you like; I will eventually update it with #instapoetry and other writing-related graphics. Stay tuned!

Condensed Categories & Archives – The Categories and Archives are now in dropdown menu format for a cleaner side menu.

Updated “About,” “Publications,” and “Contact” Pages – Check out the AboutPublications, and Contact pages for more content!

New Follow Button – I now have two Follow buttons – one for WordPress followers, and another for those who prefer to follow my blog via email.

With all these changes, my blog is updated and ready! Enjoy, and thank you for reading!



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