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Book Review: Girlhood and Machines by Marie Elia

Rating: Five out of five stars

27250618“Girlhood and Machines” is a chapbook of fifteen poems that address a character named Charlotte throughout. The themes are of a Gothic and Victorian nature, with wintry words of wolves and branches and owls and ribbons and crows. The poems are rich with original imagery.

The character of Charlotte is intriguing – she is mentioned five times in this collection. She is always doing something when she is referenced; her busy but seemingly passive implications in the narrator’s life seem to aim at an authority figure not unlike that of a nurse or nanny.

I recommend this chapbook to readers who enjoy the Gothic or Victorian literary aesthetic.

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Girlhood and Machines by Marie Elia

  1. This sounds interesting and something I’d like. Thanks.

    Plus, I read Cinder as you mentioned a while back. It was great. Now, I am really out of the age range for the book but it didn’t matter. Loved the self-reliance of that girl. I am now getting ready to read the next one, I forgot the name, Scarlet? maybe. Anyway. Doesn’t matter, the library knows and is bringing it to me! So, thank you for this suggestion, I think I have a lot of good reading to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! Yeah, Scarlet is next, then there is Cress, the novella prequel Fairest, and the last one is Winter. I will say that I didn’t like Scarlet as much as I liked Cress, but I love the overall story and how they link together. I’m glad you like it!


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