A Favorite Memory: Meeting Marissa Meyer, Author of The Lunar Chronicles

You may or may not know, but I am OBSESSED with The Lunar Chronicles, the YA sci-fi series by Marissa Meyer that are basically fairy tales in space. I haven’t loved a series this much since The Hunger Games and Harry Potter series. Cinderella is Cinder the Cyborg, Little Red Riding Hood is Scarlet the former delivery girl with connections, Rapunzel/Cress was trapped in her tower/satellite, and Snow White is Winter the scarred and beautiful princess. This series has quickly become one of my favorites since I started reading them last year, and I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys fairy tales, dystopian sci-fi, and/or romance.

Last night was an event that left me feeling as if I woke up from a dream rather than looking back on a memory. I and some friends made the trip to Orlando to see Marissa Meyer on her book tour. I ACTUALLY got to meet her.

I was one of the last in the line. I approached the table, we smiled and exchanged pleasantries, and she signed the five copies of her various books that I brought with me. We took some pictures together, and then the line had to continue progressing. That short moment felt more like a dream than reality.


The two hour wait felt like 15 minutes, and the three minutes spent standing next to one of my favorite authors was surreal. I didn’t have time to tell her how Cress has since become my favorite book, or how we have the same Disney favorite (Tangled); nor was I able to tell her how her books provided me the type of story I had always wanted to read. I didn’t have time to tell her that I admire how many of her books began as NaNoWriMo drafts. But just my being there, smiling and nodding and squeaking out polite Thank-Yous, was enough, I think.

This has become one of the highlights of 2015, and one of my favorite memories. I imagine this is how Rapunzel felt after seeing the floating lights.


6 thoughts on “A Favorite Memory: Meeting Marissa Meyer, Author of The Lunar Chronicles

  1. What a great story. Your enthusiasm shines through and you sold me. I have ordered the first book through our library system and I am looking forward to it – I meet the requirements of liking fairy tales and sci-fi and dystopian works! Thank you.

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  2. I love The Lunar Chronicles as well and cannot wait to get my hands on Winter! I met Marissa at BEA earlier this year and had the same reaction, she was so sweet and I hope to have a real conversation with her one day ❤

    P.S. You live in Florida?! I'm 3 hours south of Orlando and was so bummed that I couldn't make the trip because of class :/

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