The Kickstarter Campaign of Writer Takatsu and How You Can Help

1takatsuI have always been inspired by the writing community. The community of writers has proven itself time and time again that they are willing to help one another in a gentle, motivational environment. Most groups have arguments, disagreements, or are full of harmful stereotypes due to radical beliefs. But I have never heard of a radical writer like I have heard of a radical –ist or sect of religion. I feel lucky to be part of the community through Twitter, Facebook, and NaNoWriMo that is supportive of one another.

Today, I call on the writing community to support and spread awareness of one writer’s dream.

Steven Takatsu is a writer who has experienced blooming success for his February publication of his novel Secondhand Memories, which was originally a cell phone novel (a popular literary genre in Japan). I read this book back in June; you can find my review here. He has also experienced much success through Wattpad, with his popular e-novel Espresso Love (I plan to read this as soon as I have read some Orwell and Murakami, two inspirations for Takatsu’s work).

He is raising money not only for publication of his collection of short stories, Of Forests and Clocks and Dreams, but also to start a new project called Inspiritus Press. His goal is to reach $700 by Sunday, November 8th, and he is already over halfway there at the time of writing.

I pledged what I could, but I also want to do more by spreading awareness of his campaign. The Kickstarter can be found here, and you will only be charged if the goal is met by the deadline. Various prizes are awarded to those who pledge, such as a cute cell phone charm based on Espresso Love and copies – tangible and digital – of the collection in question, plus other prizes.

I’m looking forward to reading this work, and seeing this project come to fruition.

Picture from Kickstarter.
Blog post published with Takatsu’s permission.


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