Book Review

Book Review: Dreams and Revelations by Hannah Fields

Rating: Four out of five stars

25881372The cover is what drew me in, but when I started reading Dreams and Revelations by Hannah Fields, I discovered that it hides so many themes within its pages. It is a collection that includes everything from Christian lore to mythological pantheon, sprinkling the middle with poems of love, nostalgia, and Alice in Wonderland. There is a poem for everyone in this chapbook.

The Christian references include mentions of prodigals and Pharisees and a standalone God, while poems of galaxies and the cosmos course through the small collection. The effect of these poems is mystical, ethereal.

My two favorite poems were “Coffee and Cake” and “Among the Cosmos.” The former contained the quote “The chatter of the crowd rises and falls/as people share their everyday lives/within the confines of coffee shop walls.” The latter contained repetition of the phrase “We are stardust.”

Other notable quotes include “Seeing wasn’t always believing/when you had storybooks on your side” and “Hell is a room full of people/staring/begging me to be wise.”

I docked a star from my rating due to a minor error and my personal poetic taste. The minor error “]as” interrupted the reading experience for me. While the subjects of the poems are those that I love reading about, I found the poetry to be almost too direct and straightforward in its abstract themes. If I were to workshop these poems in a writing class, I would say that they could have used some editing to apply concrete images to the beautiful abstractions.

This chapbook is free on Amazon. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be swept away with innocent ideals and delicate musings.

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