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Book Review: Prejudice Meets Pride by Rachael Anderson

PrejudiceMeetsPrideWhen Emma Mackie moves to a new neighborhood with her two nieces and meets Kevin Grantham, her next door neighbor, she feels they are worlds apart. He keeps doing things for her and makes her feel like a charity case. Kevin thus sees Emma as disorganized and irresponsible. In this regard, Kevin is the Prejudice while Emma is the Pride.

This book is an easy read. I felt as if I were watching a movie throughout the reading experience. This book shocked me, made me giggle, and I even teared up a little bit toward the end.

The characters are consistent and feel very real. As a reader, I felt like I was experiencing the story alongside them. The metaphor of adding sugar to life’s lemonade was consistent throughout.

There were very few grammatical errors.

This book was not what I expected at all. I guess you could say I was a bit prejudiced in my notions about this book – I’m skeptical of books and movies that come across as what I like to call “Hallmark-y.” But this story, while a romance, is just the right about of cheesy while still believable.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read about life, love, and finding the sugar when life gives you lemons.

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5 thoughts on “Book Review: Prejudice Meets Pride by Rachael Anderson

  1. This sounds like what I think of as the book equivalent of comfort food. Very important in the reading diet. I’m writing it down.

    I read the Nellie Bly book. Just shocking, how things were. And how easy it was to get yourself put away, just act a little differently. Really shows how things have changed – it is just really hard to believe that not that long ago this was the norm. I enjoyed her writing style as representative from the period, and how differently things are done today, style-wise. All in all, I enjoyed the book, and I learned a lot, thanks for recommending it.

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    1. No problem! I’m happy you like my recommendations!

      This book is definitely literary comfort food!

      With modern concepts on freedom of speech and personalities, I think many of us would be put away simply for wanting more than the restrictions of society have to offer. I’m so happy health regulations exist, for this reason.


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