Book Review

Book Review: Echo by Francesca Lia Block

Rating: Five out of five stars

14566I finished this book on the day I started it. From the summary, it seems like an otherworldly adventure book. Upon reading it, it is discovered to be reality; seen as an otherworldly, adventurous perspective. It has many underlying themes that truly bring the book to life. The otherworldly perspective of mermaids and angels and vampires is just how Echo herself sees life.

Since the book is told from many different perspectives, remembering who the characters are and how they are related to each other is at first confusing. As I read, I mapped out the characters and their relations to one another and then it all clicked. From that point on, I realized how much of a masterpiece this book is.

It defines life in an abstract way, from living to dying, from drugs to sex to anorexia and finally to self-respect. What I first thought was a children’s book turned out to be a book with many adult themes that I didn’t know I needed to read. This book proves to the reader that magic doesn’t die in adulthood.

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