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How Writers Can Celebrate Bisexual Awareness Week

biwriterThis week, September 20-26, is Bisexual Awareness Week, or #BiWeek. The hashtag is full of all things blue, pink, and purple.

Bisexuality: Attraction to both or all genders on the gender spectrum.

BiWeek is a needed movement for awareness because bisexual representation and health care is rare. As a writer, I raise bisexual awareness by writing bisexual characters. What else can writers do to help raise awareness for those whose interests are across the spectrum?

  1. Read a book with a bisexual character in it.
  2. Write a story with a bisexual main character.
  3. Insert a bisexual character in your WIP (Try to stay away from stereotypes!).
  4. Write a blog post about bisexual awareness week.
  5. Research bisexual authors and read their work. (Two of my favorite authors were bisexual: Sappho and Edna St. Vincent Millay! Other famous bisexual authors included William S. Burroughs and Lord Byron.)

Writers are reflections of society, and representation and awareness is more important now than ever before, for all sexualities, genders, and races. I look forward to a world where my sexuality is more visible in literature.

Happy #BiWeek.

Bisexual flag image from Wikipedia.
Pen silhouette image from suggestkeyword.
Graphic made via piZap.


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