Dear Kindle

You are:
73 eBooks ready to read.
123 archived items.
2 dictionaries.
25 to read later, and
63 in the Finished folder (with some having been deleted to save space).
Endless possibilities.
You are my Kindle.

My first relationship with a Kindle began in 2011, and it was a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be; the screen broke, and I felt lost. But then, I found you, Kindle 4.

You have replaced the iPod as my favorite electronic, non-phone device. Sure, I have the Kindle app on my iPhone, but nothing beats holding you in my hands as I get lost in your screen. You, a single tablet that holds a large portion of my library, can travel with me anywhere. You are an extension of me. Together, we are partners. We are adventurers. Together, we are unstoppable.

As you may know,  my last Kindle was named Amanda’s Kindle. But when you came along, I knew you deserved a special name, a title worthy of your possibilities. Thus, I christened you Amanda’s Portal to Other Worlds. And you have proven yourself worthy of your name.


You are my time machine. You are my ship, and I am your captain. And I intend to sail with you across every literary sea. Together, we have been to Panem, New Beijing, Bellevue Hospital, Japan, China, the Underworld, Wakulla Springs, the steps to Cthulhu’s door, the year 2889, England, Puritanical Massachusetts, Owl Creek Bridge, Eden Manor, Lesbos, and so many more places, then and in the future.

I look forward to more adventures together.
Thank you, Amanda’s Portal to Other Worlds. Thank you.


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