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Book Review: The Pumpkin Fairy: The Play by William T. Boyd #TackleTBR

Rating: One out of five stars

c8d6acf0242a81abb415d8e0e09341d40f479dabAt 12 pages total – including the two cover pages – this short eBook was written for the purpose of a grade school play. I’ve always loved pumpkins (my first poem was about pumpkins!), so I thought I’d get in the autumn spirit by reading this play.

The main motivation of the coyote is hunger – he approaches a pumpkin patch in an attempt to eat a pumpkin, against the warnings of the nearby scarecrow. The Pumpkin Fairy then protects the pumpkin patch in preparation of Halloween.

From a dramaturgical standpoint, the focus should have been the play itself. The Setting describes what the actors should be wearing; this would be up to the costumers, not the writer. Stage directions litter the script (“Throws up shredded paper to simulate explosion”). The many typos were distracting, as “see is” became “sis” – on top of the punctuation errors, format errors, and the continuous misspelling of a character’s name.

The saving grace of this book is the cute image of children performing this play. Next time I want to get in the autumn spirit, I’ll get a pumpkin spice latte (or find the Pumpkin Fairy myself!).

This was my third book read for the #TackleTBR challenge.
This review can also be found on Goodreads.
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