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Book Review: The Prayer of Jabez for Women by Darlene Wilkinson #TackleTBR

Rating: Four out of five stars

jabezwomenWhen I was a kid, I read The Prayer of Jabez for Kids. When I was a teenager, I read The Prayer of Jabez for Teens. Now, as a new adult, I have read The Prayer of Jabez for Women.

The Prayer of Jabez series focuses on a little prayer prayed by a man named Jabez who is only mentioned once in the Bible. The series studies what little information is given about Jabez, and incorporates his prayer into daily life, specific to the target audience. I’ve always found it comforting.

For some background information, Jabez’s name means “Pain, or born in pain.” His singular mention in the Bible mentions his prayer, with the end result that he was blessed, that everything was granted as he requested.

The Prayer of Jabez:

Oh, that you would bless me indeed,
and enlarge my territory,
that Your hand would be with me,
and that You would keep me from evil.

This little book incorporates the Prayer of Jabez into the life of women, breaking down the prayer into sections, and discussing each section one at a time. I was initially skeptical of this book, as I have come across many “Christian” books laced with sexism. Of the entire book, my only issue was the presented structure of gender roles; mainly the belief that “…as women, we’re wired to be both emotional and relational.”

The belief in gender roles is that the gender they are dictates how they act. This belief system can be dangerous, but I digress. In this book, the gender roles are created by the patriarchy – the male-dominated society – that teaches men that they cannot be emotional, while woman are emotional by nature. The acceptance of gender roles in this book was disappointing, which is why I docked a star.

Overall, I was comforted by this book, and its call to keep the eyes open for “divine appointments.” Even if I didn’t quite agree with everything being said, I could still latch onto the gems that stuck with me and make them my own.

This was my first book read for my #TackleTBR challenge.
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