5 Ways to Brainstorm for Your Blog

Developing ideas can be tiresome, especially for a writer. Writers are already creating stories for their writing – but blog posts too?! Sometimes it can get overwhelming, and writer’s block can set in. So what is a writer to do when all ideas have seemingly been written, and no topic has been left undiscovered? The answer lies in the act of brainstorming.

There is no such thing as a new idea – however, every writer is different. The same topic can be given to 500 writers, and the result would be 500 different pieces, in different genres! There is a freedom in realizing you have an unlimited amount of ideas at your fingertips. So how does one unlock this plethora of worldly treasure?

1.) Keywords. Make a list of words, and words that relate to those words. “Pens” become “Favorite pens.” In this way, Notebooks > Favorite brands, and Paper > Favorite texture to write on.

2.) Series. Writers can create a series of similar blog posts to create a sense of consistency in their topics. Take the example above – all those favorites can become a series for the readers to get to know the blogger!

3.) Current topics. What is something that is happening to you right now? What is the trending topic on Twitter that catches your eye? What is new in the writing community? Can any of these notions be tied together to form a single theme?

4.) Reading. Writing and reading are two sides of the same coin, so it is no surprise that writers love to read, and read about reading. Writing a blog post about a book you are reading or have read is a great way to engage the writing community of the blogosphere.

5.) Themes. Do you often see similar themes in your work? Why do they continue to pop up in your writing? This could be explored through blog posts. Not only does this bring attention to what you have written, it also engages your readers and personalizes your blog.

I personally like to list as many relating topics as I can think of. This way, I have a list of ten ideas for ten new blog posts! I try to brainstorm as often as possible to keep the new ideas flowing!

I believe that anything can relate to writing because writing can be about anything. What are some ways you brainstorm for your blog?


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