Book Review

Book Review: Elizabeth and Her German Garden by Elizabeth von Arnim

Rating: Four out of five stars

23250972There are no other words to describe the writing of this book other than “flowery,” “lovely,” and “conflicting.” The description of the gardens fall in the middle category, and all else in the former. I did; however, find the lists of Elizabeth’s choices of flora to be tedious, and her opinions conflicting. One minute she is spouting a feminist rant, and the next, she is talking about how her servant should be flogged.

While I enjoyed most of her feminist rants and quotes, I could not stand her unfair treatment of Minora, the English art student who writes books. Minora is a minor character who does not fit into Elizabeth’s world. Minora became my favorite character, as I can truly relate to her.

The women have passion beyond the strict and sexist confines of their society and recognize their passions; that is the best message of the work.

This review can also be found on Goodreads.
Picture from Goodreads.


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