Book Review

Book Review: Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Rating: One out of five stars


I have previously written about this book, but I wanted to post the review here as well.

Anything that could have been written indelicately was written as such. The cast of characters were diverse, which is great to see in a mainstream book. However, the writers’ way of portraying diverse characters was disrespectful at best and racist at worst; Zoey Redbird the Cherokee, and Shaunee the “African Princess,” to name two. With Native American characters being described as mystical or barbaric, I cringed from their ignorance, which leads me to my next point.

The slut-shaming in this book took away whatever magic I as a reader could feel with this book. All the females in this book resorted to degrading each other based on sex. The main character was the most revolting; calling anyone she hated a “ho” simply for disagreeing with them. I disliked the main character vehemently, as she even participated in the rape culture of this book.

Within the first few chapters, Zoey witnesses an intimate scene in which Aphrodite, the obvious rival of the story, is trying to force herself on her ex, Erik. Erik denied consent multiple times but Aphrodite continued and throughout the book it was glossed over. Erik was a victim but the matriarchal vampyre society did not care to the point of sexism. Throughout the book, the female vampyres kept saying that the vampyre men are “important too,” serving them as warriors. The tone was very condescending.

One of Zoey’s friends, Damien, was a character straight out of Mean Girls. From the name to the mannerisms and sexual orientation, Damien was a direct copy, and every other sentence had to beat the reader over the head with the fact that Damien is gay. It was an obnoxious way to write a gay character.

This book has a great synopsis; a vampyre finishing school with a diverse cast and a multitude of female characters. However, it would have been a much better book if it was written by someone else, instead of a mother and daughter team. The writing was awkward, strung with outdated pop-culture references, and disgusting slut-shaming.

I would not recommend this book to anyone, unless they needed a lesson in how to edit.

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