Book Review

Book Review: hello distance by Daniel Wallock

Rating: Four out of five stars

25225873Daniel Wallock’s collection of poetry takes the reader on a journey through abstract concepts and yearning. With beautiful imagery, Wallock ties together nature and city life through the pain of distance. Whether this distance is in destination or death, the poems’ voices feel the loss of a mother and the missing love of a lover. The lack of capitalization hints at a small voice with much to mutter.

My favorite poem is a free-style haiku:

“your turquoise eyes
blink twice
first snow of winter”

This chapbook is a quick read. It would have been faster, but I found myself rereading some poems in a double-take. Wallock’s wording is graceful, elegant, and simple.

This eBook is available for free on Amazon. I recommend this chapbook to anyone who wants a quick poetic fix.

This review can also be found on Goodreads.
Picture from Goodreads.


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