Hashtags for Writers, Part II

Last month, I wrote a blog post listing some hashtags for writers. In the time since then, I have come across many more notable hashtags that writers can use in their tweets. The writing community is a supportive one, offering and asking advice.

#10MinNovelists – This is a conversation every Thursday at 9PM held by @10minnovelist.

#amblogging – For when you are blogging.

#FreeOurPoetsNow – A movement created to combat the censoring of erotica poets by Twitter’s Support.

#k8chat – A conversation connecting authors and readers with topics for both, Thursdays at 9PM.

#StorySocial – A conversation held by @storysocialchat, Wednesdays at 9PM.

#TwitterFiction – Posts in the form of fiction on Twitter. This is used for an annual writing festival hosted by http://twitterfictionfestival.com/.

#writerslife – For when you are tweeting about life as a writer.

#WriterWednesday – Originally created to highlight your favorite indie authors, but now covers a broad range of writing topics on Wednesdays.

#writetip – For when you are tweeting writing tips.

#writingprompts – For when you are tweeting writing prompts.

I have learned so many things about writing simply by taking part in these conversations. Follow me on Twitter to chat with these hashtags!


9 thoughts on “Hashtags for Writers, Part II

  1. Thanks for sharing these writing hashtags. It’s always great to learn new hashtags you can use. I already use the #writetip, #WIP, #amreading, #amwriting, #writerslife, etc in most of my Tweets. #Poetweet is a new one, and I like to post poems on Twitter. I’m going to try using that hashtag the next time I post a poem.

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      1. Speaking of which, I found out about another hashtag, #notwriting. It’s used to tweet the reason(s) you’re not writing. For example, distractions, writer’s block, etc.

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