Overcoming Writer’s Block

In my last post, I wrote about my struggle with the start of writer’s block. There, it was determined that my writer’s block comes from my anxiety. While I’m not going to say that writer’s block is something that can go away in a few days, doing a few simple exercises can go a long way in combating the anxiety of writer’s block.

Here are a few of the exercises I recommend:

Change your notebook. I always carry a  notebook around with me. Somewhere in my black hole of a purse, there is always a notebook available to carry my jots and thoughts and plots. The notebook that I have used for some time now had grown used and bent, with pages falling out. It was not an inspiring notebook. So, I switched to a slightly sturdier one with orange butterflies on it! Now I want to write a hundred poems! My creative juices are flowing again.

Write with your favorite pen. My favorite pen is the G2 Pilot – known for being one of the best and most-preferred pens in the country. That being said, they are also expensive – three pens can go up to $7!!! I don’t like to use them all the time to make them last longer, but writing with a favorite pen can spark any creativity lying dormant. Once I picked up that G2 Pilot and felt its smooth ink running over the crisp new pages, I knew I had to keep writing.

Write a blog post. This is exactly the advice that I am following right now! Write a blog post about anything – in this case, I’m being quite meta by writing about writer’s block and blogging in a blog post. At least you will be writing something.

Write something else – anything else. Aside from blog posts, you have a weaponry of genres at your disposal. In my case, if fiction doesn’t feel quite like my enchanted sword, I go for poetry – my double-bladed battleaxe. Switching between projects or genres can open up doors that were previously thought to have been locked. Do you have your own artillery?

What do you do to wage the battle against writer’s block?


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