My First Blogfest: The Cherished Blogfest

As I get more involved in the online writing community, I have discovered a whole new area of blogging: blogfests! Even the word is fun; I loved it so much, I put it twice in this post’s title. (Blogfest.) They are a great tool for writers to blog about the same theme, discovering more bloggers and having more bloggers discover them! I have come across the Cherished Blogfest, which focuses on a cherished item. More information about the Cherished Blogfest can be found here. To sign up, visit the Linky page here.

Stay tuned for my own Cherished Blogfest post, coming July 24th!



5 thoughts on “My First Blogfest: The Cherished Blogfest

  1. Hi Amanda, Thank you so much for signing up, and look forward to chatting with you! We’ve changed the dates of this Blogfest to include Firday the 24th: the new badge is on my blog now. Could you nip across and grab it for your post and sidebar, so everyone in your blog audience knows the right dates?


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