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Book Review: Claire: The Helmsworth Project (Book 1) by Madison Key

Rating: Three out of five stars

coverThis novella follows the events that take place when the Helmsworth siblings discover a dangerous secret about their lives, explaining why they have certain psychic powers.

Its short status is more of the beginning of a larger novel rather than an entire book. Some details, such as the ages of some of the characters, are unclear. Most of the story is told to the reader, rather than shown. It ends on a cliffhanger. A look at the author’s blog shows that she wrote the series within the span of three months. This tells me that there was very little editing beyond the face-value of the work. I would have loved to have been shown more details. I feel this book would have been more compelling if at least one plot line had been completed in its duration, and if more time had been spent on the writing process.

These things aside, I’m invested in the characters. The piece could have been edited and expanded on, which is why I docked two stars. But I am now interested in the lives of Claire, Jenna, and Brian Helmsworth and how their adventure fits together.

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