Book Review

Book Review: My Name is Rapunzel by K.C. Hilton

Rating: Three out of five stars

5.5"X8.5" Post Card TemplateI purchased this book for my Kindle simply because I love the Disney movie Tangled and I love the Rapunzel fairy tale. Upon reading this book I soon became disappointed. Grammatical errors dot the entire book and the main character, though she has been alive since the 1700s and self-proclaims she has the wisdom of an old woman, acts like an immature teenager. Her language is not consistent with the time frame she is supposed to be from thus leading to inconsistent characterization.

Poor Tangled references are made, including describing her hair as a “gift from the sun.” Each character has poor motives, actions that are not flushed out, and descriptions that are poorly explained.

Rapunzel even gets to be a mother figure in this book, except she does not even tell her adopted son about his biological parents.

The pacing was horrible. At least four chapters are devoted to Rapunzel writing letters to an editor who claims that fairy tales do not exist. Really, it is just her taking an article too seriously and too personally.

And what would a contemporary plot be without a love triangle? Neither love interest, Henry nor John, captured my attention. John was barely interested in Rapunzel at all, and why Henry did not divulge his secret earlier is beyond me. A direct quote from Henry, upon seeing Rapunzel, states, “But I am a man. How can I not look on that face?” As if a man is incapable of controlling himself around a pretty face. Henry also asked her to never cut her hair, and while he was cursed, followed and watched her without her knowledge. If she was not in her room by sunset, he would beckon her there in his own way. That is not loving, that is creepy.

Discussion questions are at the end of the book, which are very much unneeded, especially since they ask simple questions about major plot points or obvious scenes.

The ending tied itself together very well, and I was content with the way it ended. It was a comfortable read and overall it felt like a down pillow; comfortable while occasionally poking it’s unfortunate sleeper with the sharp end of the feathers.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: My Name is Rapunzel by K.C. Hilton

  1. Oh boy, love triangles sure are everywhere. It doesn’t seem like authors are doing with them anything though. It’s mostly there so you’ll spend the book asking “Will she go for X or Y?” instead of exploring the emotional experience. Then again, Game of Thrones is popular. I’m not surprised.


    1. I personally like Game of Thrones, as that is more politically charged rather than romantically. I feel like love triangles as a contemporary literary tactic gained traction from the Twilight series.


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