My Reading Habits

This blog post was inspired by the post under the same name from Elizabeth at The Bookish Universe. One book read by ten people can have a thousand meanings; I believe the same is true for a reading experience.

I’m not picky about the format. Hardcover, paperback, audio, or Kindle…reading is reading is reading. While my preference is paperback, I love reading shorter works on my Kindle (or Nook app).

While I love bookmarks, I will use anything to hold my place. Receipts, (unused) tissues…if it fits, the bookmark sits.

I rate every book I read on Goodreads. I am obsessed with Goodreads; I have been trying to remember every book I’ve ever read. I use the phrase “do it for the Goodreads” more often than I should.

I prefer to read under a blanket. Or a Snuggie. Propped up on at least two pillows.

I will dog-ear pages that contain my favorite quotes. Even if I dog-ear every other page.

I love listening to Librivox books on long commutes. I highly recommend the app.

When purchasing manga, I will only buy the first book; if I like it, I continue to buy the series. If I’m merely curious, I look it up on the manga reading websites.

I cover the bottom of the page with my hand if I know a major even is about to happen. This keeps me from glancing ahead and spoiling any surprises.

I have a queue of which books I will read in what order…and the order changes every day. There are so many books on my reading list; I’m always at a loss for what to read next! (Oh, and I don’t add “to-read” books on Goodreads, only the ones I’ve read!)

I HAVE to finish every book I start. Even if it’s horrible, I push through it. Do it for the Goodreads.

Bonus fun fact: I told my mom to teach me how to read at the age of five. After watching Arthur, I became jealous that a cartoon aardvark knew how to read and I didn’t.

Following Elizabeth’s lead, I will tag anyone who wants to post a description of their own reading habits! Mention my blog in your own post and comment here to let me know! I can’t wait to read about your reading habits!


4 thoughts on “My Reading Habits

  1. Thank you! Yeah I catch myself using a crumpled receipt that’s within an arm’s reach rather than walking across the room to grab an actual bookmark! Have a good weekend yourself!


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