My NaNo Strategy: Week 2

The second week of NaNoWriMo has come and gone, and I have continued to stay on track. Having been caught up on my word count for the past fifteen days, I reflected on my writing tactics the first week, and those that I employed over the second. The result was a mixture of the old and the new as throughout the week, I found myself stuck, stagnant, slow, and a bunch of other S words that I just wanted to type for alliterative purposes.

  • Week 1 Tactics. These include typing on the computer versus writing by hand; writing in different corners of the room in different positions; and rewarding myself every 500 or so words.
  • Lunch Breaks at Work. That whole hour I get at lunch can be a Godsend if I choose to actually write in that time. That time frame in the middle of the day helps me connect to what I wrote the night before and what I will write when I get home.
  • Playlist. This past week, I used procrastination to benefit me as I created a playlist for my novel. A blend of Muse, Nightwish, and Fall Out Boy, I made a playlist of songs that truly capture the themes of my novel. These songs will continue to inspire me as I write, and have even helped me fix plot  holes.
  • Staying Up Late. I actually do not recommend this one. If I do not make the magic 1,667 by the end of the day, I make sure I do so before I go to sleep. This is horrible and results in a slur of words that do not even make sense the next day. I am using this tactic at the moment and find myself regretting this. Zero out of ten; would not recommend.

I look forward to Week 3 with determination. I have reached the halfway point, and if I made it this far, then I know I will be able to reach the fifty thousand.


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