Apps I Use as a Reader, or Uses of a Technological Horcrux for Reading

Last week I wrote an article detailing what apps I use as a writer. I wanted to do a follow-up to that content with a sister post for readers. Readers and writers are two sides of the same coin; one cannot live without the other, and every writer I have ever met has been an avid reader. I am crazy about reading books just as I am about writing them; the list of books I have to read is always tugging at the sleeves of my mind. I feel like there are two children, let’s call them Reading and Writing, each tugging on my sleeve, vying for my attention; Reading wants to show me all the books that are on my to-read list, while Writing wants me to pop out all of the ideas on my to-write list. But, like a mother loves her children equally, as do I with my hobbies.

No; that’s not right. Reading and writing aren’t just hobbies to me. They are passions. I would not know where I would be or what I would do if there were no such things as reading or writing in this world.

Anyway; as I said in my last post about apps that help me as a writer, I am providing a list of iPhone apps that I use as a reader. All of the apps listed below are free.

Kindle – While I already have a Kindle device, it’s great to know that my digital library goes wherever I bring my phone. The app and my device can easily sync together, so whatever I have on one device will appear on the other.

iBooks – I primarily use this app to track the books that are available for free. I also use it to read my PDF files, as it’s much easier to read PDF files on iBooks rather than Kindle.

Librivox – An extension of the Librivox website, this app is so simple! I just search for a book that is under the Creative Commons license, and select download. The downloads are free, and after I listen to them, I can immediately delete them. It’s a great way to listen to the classics, and it definitely makes my commute more enjoyable! It keeps my stories where I leave them so I never have to worry about losing my place.

eMobo – While it can be used for writing as I mentioned in my last post in this regard, their app provides great exposure to the cell phone novel trend of Japan. While I haven’t had much time to read lately, I can’t wait to read up on the cell phone novel genre and its unique style! (EDIT 2/6/15: I don’t use this app anymore; the connection was too slow and the app kept crashing for me.)

Wattpad – This app is not my favorite; however, sometimes my favorite authors (such as Marissa Meyer) will post their shorter works on Wattpad for their audience. I keep this app on my phone to be on the lookout for any supporting content to my favorite series.

Goodreads – I like keeping track of things; it’s like watching the statistics of a video game, except for my life. Goodreads, connected to its website, helps me keep track of every book I’ve ever read.

My smart phone is definitely a helpful tool not only from a writer’s perspective, but also from that of a reader! I miss reading; I cannot wait for NaNoWriMo to be over, so I can once again immerse myself in all of the worlds that lay in waiting for me between the covers of at least fifty books.


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